Credit Where Credit’s Due

Things are getting very complicated here. I have so many collaborations on the go that I’m having trouble keeping up with myself. If I meet with just one artist I may end up talking about up to five different curatorial and collaborative opportunities that we have on the go. Another artist will talk to me about two of these same opportunities but with another two exhibitions from elsewhere. Then a different artist may be talking to me about three other completely unrelated things that we are working on together. It makes it very hard to focus on exactly where any project priorities lie yet somehow we always seem to work in the most efficient way for our creative needs.

I think a Venn Diagram would help.

It makes it hard to know where to give credit when I finally do arrive at a finished artwork. Has this work been created for someone, or inspired directly by them, or is it a full and equal partnership with equal creative input, or all of these? Where should the boundaries lie when the boundaries are already blurred beyond recognition, and when neither party is selfish enough to care about such things?

It’s times like these that I simply give credit where credit’s due. If a body of work is a partnership then I refuse to break it down into pedantry and indulge in such a futility. Any partnerships with me deserve equal credit, no matter who has done the most work or where they have done it. It makes it easier for marketing as well as for external recognition. But above all it makes it easier to deal with in my head.

Isn’t life complicated enough?

IMAG0750 (1)

What tangled web is this?




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