A Fab Intervention

I’ve been asked, along with fellow artist/curator Tim Kelly, to curate a performance arts thing for Fringe Arts Bath festival in May.

We will be using performance and art as tools to make the streets of Bath a better place. ‘A Fab Intervention’ will be a series of performative acts and public interventions by a team of artists based primarily (but not exclusively) in South Wales.

It is our intention that such interventionist artists will be based in Bath’s main commercial streets on the evening of Friday May 22nd in conjunction with the opening of Fringe Arts Bath. Our artists will follow up these evening performances with a series of works to take place between 12 noon and 4pm on Saturday May 23rd.

‘A Fab Intervention’ will show how performative acts disturbing the public flow in Bath’s main streets can be a positive method of engaging the people with the arts. A break from the regular busker/shopper relationship on Bath’s streets can make the environment a positive place to be and challenging the social norms between performers and public need not be a negative experience.

Artists working on ‘A Fab Intervention’ will work respectfully with the public and with the heritage of Bath. Acts could include flash mobs, poetry, story-telling, singing, and acting short sketches; as well as random acts of kindness, humour, discussion, and artists sketching in the streets. All participants in ‘A Fab Intervention’ will be encouraged to work in harmony with their audience to promote a positive vibe to the performances and challenge the daily routine of visitors and residents in Bath.

Although I am not a performance artist, I have organised events like this before. In 2011 and 2012 I co-curated the Disruption performance festivals on behalf of Elysium Gallery. It’s really fun to organise although it is really hard work to make sure it all runs smoothly.

For Fringe Arts Bath we’re looking at three months of negotiations and planning for this event. A lot of it will be me at my computer emailing artists with details and requirements as well as promoting the festival itself. I forget how many emails I’ve sent out to prospective participants today – so many Yahoo decided my account had been hacked and decided to lock me out for a time. If you’d like to participate then there’s a Facebook Group for A Fab Intervention. Find us!




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