This is Eiscape, a 13 layered 12″ x 12″ hand-cut paper assemblage. It is the second in the Structured Chaos series which is now using photographs provided by Ben Honebone. This is an assemblage rather than a collage since there is no glue used at all. Instead all thirteen layers of paper are assembled using only 4 split paper fasteners at the corners.

The idea behind the collaboration is that Bone provides the images and I respond with layers of chaos to rebuild the picture back to its original form. A construction from one is deconstructed and rebuilt by the other.

Conceptually this series is drawing parallels from the world of theoretical physics with its sub atomic particles and string theory; a world of quantum uncertainty where probability rules supreme and where the simple act of viewing irrevocably changes the thing being viewed. Each artwork will be alive with strings which seem to writhe in mind-boggling shape and complexity. At the same time the energy and dynamism, the chaos of the piece, is always resolved through retaining the parameters of Bone’s original photograph. If we try to see the detailed chaos at the same time as the overall harmonies of the picture then perhaps we get a glimpse of the paradoxical nature of the quantum universe.*

The methods and development for this series will be available for viewing soon as part of the Workers in Progress exhibition at the Workers Gallery at Ynyshir. Here we’ll also be exclusively sharing a maquette for the next work in this series which we have already planned and are ready to start very soon. Workers in Progress opens on March 15th. For more details see the gallery Facebook page here.


‘Eiscape’ 12″ x 12″ layered paper assemblage.

*Thanks in advance to Alban Low for letting me steal and rework his words to support the concepts behind this series.



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