Here we go…

I’ve had more fun than any one person can possibly have on their own today; well legally anyway. I’ve finally started cutting the next in our Structured Chaos series. I’m using Q.C.P. as a working title for this artwork. (We have actually decided on the title proper but I’m not sure it would be right to reveal that until there’s more progress.)

This is a going to be a complete break from the calming rhythm and structure of the previous two pieces in this series. There will be barely a curved cut in sight. Everything will be more aggressive and linear although it is hoped that the final assemblage will still find its own harmony in keeping with the source photograph provided by Ben Honebone.

The structure of Q.C.P. will consist of more layers and yet somehow will retain the power and density of the original photograph. Already you can see there is a different energy and grain to the cuts. This is very early days yet but I really want to get this first layer finished over the weekend.

The stagnation of yesterday has lifted, the mid-week malaise is long gone. Here comes the weekend and I’m totally ready for this. Now bring me my scalpel, I’m going back in!



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