What makes a good artist?

I’ve always wondered this. Is it talent or is it clever marketing? Is it image and politics? How can I be a good artist?

Well the answer is that I am a good artist. This is not because of anything on my CV or the blisters on my fingers. It’s because I am constantly looking at that scratching that mental itch which makes the art. When I hit the inevitable trials and tribulations I stick to my guns and simply look again at the reasons why I got into this business; then I fall in love with being creative all over again.

I am a good artist because of the reliability and integrity I have with other people. I listen to my heart first and don’t get lost in the nitty-gritty of the art world. I know when I have good people supporting me and I am not naive enough to fall prey to the politics of the phoneys. If the cash rewards or popularity follows then it is not because I have sought it out. It will be because I am strong enough to keep improving myself and to keep believing in my craft.

My first group show was back in 2007 and I’ve managed so much in the last 8 years that it sometimes scares me how much I’ve achieved. Thank you to everyone who has supported my on my journey so far and to everyone who believes in me so much. I will try not to let you down.



5 thoughts on “What makes a good artist?

    • Yes it was. In combination with that little exhibition down at Mile End Pavilion. You remember Joanna Lumley and cucumber sandwiches?

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