Different Strokes

This new addition to the Structured Chaos series is really starting to reveal itself. Q.C.P. is deliberately different to its predecessors and follows a rhythm all of its own. There is a deliberate absence from the curved cuts of Eiscape and the first Structured Chaos artwork.

These changes are a response to the nature of the source photograph that Bone has provided for me to work with. The previous assemblages have been based on lone figures in a beach setting which means they somehow ‘go’ together and deserve the same structure. This has already meant that I have been settling into a pattern and comfort zone with cutting this series that should not be allowed to continue.

Q.C.P. is another lone figure but the setting is a complete break from previous artworks in this series. There is still chaos within the piece but it is based around this central outline. The reasons for this outline will become more apparent as we progress.

I’m not sure how many layers this assemblage will have. We’ve already discussed between us that this may have to be glued as a collage* to deal with certain technical issues that are arising. I’ve created two maquettes now to deal with ideas on Q.C.P. but I am really none the wiser as to what this will mean for this ‘real’ version.

This uncertainty pleases me. It is exciting to create something that is wholly collaborative and organic which will evolve all the way up to its completion.


* Previous Structured Chaos artworks are fixed with just four paper fasteners in each corner. This is why I have referred to them as assemblages rather than collages.


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