Zero Control

I’m not sure where this is going. Everything seemed so simple at the time. If I completed a top layer then the rest would follow. The layers would be chaos but the layering would follow structure. There would be order in my thinking. I would have a vision of how this would progress. It’s how it worked before and it would be how it would work again.

But no. Not for this artwork.

The order that my thoughts and decisions are falling is not sequential. There is chaos in my thinking just as much as there is chaos on the paper. The only thing that seems to be forming is the figure himself. I’m coming to the realization that layers will not be formed independently and that I will have to revisit this assemblage in various forms before it is complete. This will evolve as it is meant to evolve.

Fate will decide.

I’m scared but excited. This is the chaos I wanted but I am lost, totally lost, as to its direction. I have no control and  have to trust that Bone‘s photograph will reveal what it needs to reveal and shape itself how it wants to shape itself.

I am blind.

I have no option but to take a leap of faith and lose myself completely to this artwork.



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