Now on Etsy

It’s no good me making things and then simply storing them in the attic so I’m always exploring new avenues to get my art out there. I’ve been considering selling on Etsy for a while but haven’t got round to investigating it until now.

I’m not sure how successful this is going to be. I’m not sure people really understand the value of art. I’ve had conversations with all sorts of people about prices and not a lot of people seem to appreciate that if you are going to buy a handmade item that they have to pay a reasonable rate for it.

The maths isn’t hard. A piece of art which took 2 days to make should receive at least 2 days wages. Guidance on what to pay an artist can be found here. Of course there are bound to be regional and national variations but it is realistic to say that the absolute minimum anybody should be paying for anything is minimum wage plus materials.

So a little 2 day artwork of mine should retail anything between £100 and £500. That’s it. I’m not being unreasonable or greedy. I’m even chucking in free postage to anywhere in the world. I want to share my art with you. I want it to hang in your home and I want you to enjoy it. I just also would like to eat and pay my rent too.

My Etsy shop is now open. I will be rotating my stock regularly so it’s worth checking out. I’ve also installed a little Etsy icon over to the right on this blog so you have no excuses not to visit regularly!



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