Conversations, deliberations, and decisions

These are exciting times. I’m considering all sorts of places to show our Structured Chaos series when it’s complete. It will probably take the rest of the year to get this substantial body of work together but I know this is the right course of action.

Already several galleries have expressed an interest in this work. The first piece in the series (also called Structured Chaos) is currently hanging as part of the Workers in Progress exhibition at The Workers Gallery at Ynyshir. I was there yesterday talking to gallery visitors and I couldn’t get over the positivity that I received. As soon as they entered the gallery they instantly gravitated towards Structured Chaos and then bombarded me with questions about its conception and construction.

Accompanying this is a board full of conversations, deliberations, and decisions about the initial inception and development of this series. Everything is here from the first thoughts to the latest maquettes. I rarely do sketches but as this work has developed into a collaborative process then it sometimes helps to be able to communicate our thoughts visually.

Hanging here too is this little exclusive sample of the next piece which we are currently working on: A Quarter Circle Punch delivered by Bone.

The Workers Gallery is open Friday to Sunday. More details can be found here.



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