I’m tempted to show you more than this but really I can’t. My co-collaborator and I have agreed to wait until it is complete to share anything more than a tiny detail.*

This work in progress is really motoring along now and I’ve really got to grips with how to cut into this photograph. It’s a lot easier if I’m using my own photograph because I’ve been through the whole experience of connecting with the subject matter when I took the original photograph. This is much harder because I’m working with a memory which is not my own. It’s taken a lot of time and throwing ideas back and forth between us for me to understand the rhythm of the picture and get to grips with how best to approach an experience which was never mine to begin with.

We’re calling this piece Quarter Circle Punch but how it looks and feels as an artwork will be secret for now. There is an original maquette hanging at The Workers Gallery in Ynyshir but even then, I think the piece has evolved far beyond the limits of that rudimentary little mock-up. This piece will be completely different to everything we’ve completed so far as part of the Structured Chaos series. You can read more on the evolution of this series here.


‘Quarter Circle Punch’ [detail] work in progress

*I have to confess I showed my builder this morning. It nearly knocked him off the scaffolding he was so impressed.


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