Eclipse Options

I can’t keep teasing you with little detail pictures of Quarter Circle PunchIt’s just not fair is it? And besides, I am still doing lots of other things which get me away from the studio and involved in making pictures in other ways.

Today I’ve been for a wander down to the beach to have a look at potential places where I can see the partial eclipse of the sun which will be here tomorrow morning. We had an observatory here in Swansea but it closed several years ago due to lack of funding. It’s still a popular destination though due to its amazing architecture and beach location. I might go back there tomorrow and get an eclipse photo partially eclipsed by the observatory building.

Other options I’m playing with include being on top of the roof of my building. If I can persuade my builders to let me sit on the scaffolding around my crumbling chimney then I’ll be sat up there with a cuppa enjoying whatever the heavens have to share.

Meanwhile on such a beautiful spring morning it would be a shame not to enjoy the sun at the beach while we have it. We’re so very lucky in this part of the world.



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