Tomorrow in Llanelli

I’m coming to the end of a long run of delivering participatory photography courses. I’m a freelance which pretty much translates as ‘mercenary for hire’ so I just drift from one contract to the next as far as these courses go. It’s rewarding work and I wouldn’t swap it for anything*. I’m lucky in that I have the opportunity to meet new and interesting people and open their eyes to seeing the world in all sorts of innovative ways.

Tomorrow I’ll be operating on behalf of Photential at Un Sir Gâr in Stepney Street, Llanelli delivering a pop up photography workshop aimed at inspiring young people. I’ve designed the workshop to examine how people see themselves and to take themselves beyond the idea of the selfie. It’s all very exciting stuff. Here’s a picture taken last week along the same theme by a participant here in Swansea.

Anyone can join in and I’ll be there until 3pm. See you there?


by Shona

*despite there being no holiday pay, no sick pay, no pension scheme, and long periods of unemployment between contracts.


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