The Cusp of Completion

I love it when I’m this close to finishing an artwork. I can see the finish line now and I know we’ve produced a winner. Quarter Circle Punch is up there as one of the best things I have ever created… No, that’s a lie…. it is the best thing. The collaborative process I’ve evolved with Ben Honebone is absolute genius and I can’t wait to reach the point where we can share the finished artwork with you.

I’ll be putting a video of the completed assemblage here on this blog which you will be able to access via an image in the right-hand column of your screen. All those images are links to particular artworks on my YouTube channel. I video my art because sometimes it is hard to see from a photograph exactly how my art is created. I think of it all as quite sculptural in that there is a certain depth to the art which you would not normally experience with collage work. Quarter Circle Punch, when complete, will consist of 18 layers of  hand-cut paper. This makes it almost half an inch deep and well as having a phenomenal level of fine detail.

But then there is nothing that can beat the experience of seeing one of these artworks for real. The first of the Structured Chaos series is currently hanging in The Workers Gallery, Ynyshir. It still blows my mind to see how this series is developing. I’m half-scared to find out what we will accomplish after this.



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