The Gods of Chaos

I’m doing a little research today. As an artist you might expect that this means I’m looking at art and arty things but this is never how it ends up with me. The connectivity of everything is so strong that it would be wrong of me to ignore science or literature when I’m researching. I should be looking at as many sources as possible for inspiration and justification. I should leave no stone unturned in support of Structured Chaos to see how it’s going and where it should be headed next.

The origins of Chaos run deep throughout myth and legend. I’m currently reading Hesiod‘s ideas on Chaos being a primeval void from which all other things are formed. Concepts on primal entities such as desire, torment, dark, and night are formed out of this underworld space. Later Ovid thought of it differently and considered Chaos to be an unformed jumble where all the elements were messed up together in a shapeless heap. This void state and the structures that come from within it do not necessarily have to be dark or tortuous, and Chaos always has the ability to be affected by Zeus’ thunderbolts. The word ‘Chaos’ derives from the Greek for “yawning” or “gap” and these spaces between can subsequently yield beauty and pleasure just as much as they can create pain and torment.

I’ve already hinted at string theory from a theoretical physics point of view in the description of Structured Chaos. In our time the myth of Chaos has evolved to become more than just an indicator of the unformed void or a gaping mess. Mathematically Lorenz defined Chaos as “When the present determines the future, but the approximate present does not approximately determine the future.” In Chaos the element of chance is always there and nothing is predetermined.

It is all of these things that Bone and I are considering when creating Structured Chaos. Out of the voids between sliced paper evolves a structure – a picture. These cuts shape the future of the image but do not directly determine its outcome. Our conversations as artists hint at a collaborative direction but do not immediately decide on how or where. Shadows form and fall in non-predetermined spaces which only sometimes can be affected and overcome directly by a different energy. An image is inevitable but the nature of it is not for us to decide. Out of Chaos comes Fate.

Fate will decide…


‘Quarter Circle Punch’ 12″ x 12″ layered paper assemblage. Side view of work in progress


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