Next Showing in Swansea

It’s not often I mention any photography exhibitions that I’m in and yes I am in quite a few. I don’t even bother writing them on my CV either and there’s a reason for this.

My paid work means I deliver photography workshops for Photential. At the end of most of these workshops we run an exhibition for participants to showcase their work and I always get to submit a photograph to hang in the exhibition space as part of this. These exhibitions are specifically to showcase the talent that has been developed through our workshops. They are to show the world that the results that other people achieve as a result of our workshops are easily as good as the rest of the world, if not better.

Tomorrow evening sees the opening of Exploring Your Photential at The White Room, Grand Theatre Swansea. Here there will be over 40 photos created at some of our photography courses over the last 5 months. That’s students from six photography courses across the north-east of Swansea’s Communties First area. This is a massive wealth of talent of which I play just a tiny part in comparison. I am proud to be included in these exhibitions but they are not my exhibitions, they belong entirely to the participants.

Don’t take my word for it though. Please come to The Grand Theatre from 6:30pm tomorrow. The exhibition runs daily for the next 3 weeks so it’s worth having a look. Here’s a taste of the quality of photography that you can expect. See, I said they were good…


by Clare H


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