Trust in B

I don’t have any answers and I certainly don’t have any direction. I’m making the first cuts here with no ideas whatsoever. I’ve been hesitant so far due to my complete lack of inspiration and I’ve been waiting for a revelation which I suspect is not going to be coming any day soon.

It doesn’t help that the photograph on the reverse side is so beautiful that I don’t want to think about cutting it.

Normally in a situation such as this I’d stop and wallow for a while; procrastinate on something other for a few weeks and refuse to contemplate stepping out into the unknown. Cowardice is an option I don’t like to take but it is always there nevertheless. Normally I’d be working on my own with nobody to catch me as I think about failing, falling…


But I am not in a normal situation; this is Structured Chaos and as such I have a collaborative partner to boost me when I need it and to feed ideas and support when necessary. I still don’t know where I’m going but he tells me that it doesn’t matter if mistakes are made with his photograph because these will lead to opportunities later down the line. I have 18 layers of paper to play with (and it is only paper) which means these first cuts are not as vital as I’m making them out to be. The catastrophe is all in my head and is not one to be feared out in the real world. I have to just go with the flow and see where it leads.

I trust my collaborator knows what I’m doing even if I don’t. I have to trust that my lack of self-belief is irrelevant; that his belief in my abilities is enough to get this new piece underway.

I have trust in B, and so I cut…



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