Отварање Тонигхт у Србији

I’m in a presitigious exhibition which opens tonight in Serbia. I’m not doing as many shows this year and am instead developing more new work but the Spring Salon at Aleksinac is worth its weight in gold.

I am very lucky to have the support of so many people in Serbia and its a connection that I want to continue to work closely with.  I’m hoping that maybe next year I will have enough money that I can travel out to see the wonderful arts community at Aleksinac for myself.

This my second (or third) exhibition at Aleksinac. I’d have to check my CV to remember. I keep all my upcoming and past shows in my CV section here on this blog. It’s not just so that you find out the latest news, it’s also so that I can remember what I’m doing!

Anyway, thanks to everyone in Serbia who has visited my past shows and is gong to be there tonight. хвала!



One thought on “Отварање Тонигхт у Србији

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