Mercenary for Hire

I’m a Renegade Arts Experimentalist. That’s the job description that I’m sticking with although the Revenue would describe me in less heroic terms.

As part of my self-defined duties I’ll take on anything and everything that I see will expand my skill-set and get me closer to my list of goals which I’m determined to see through (or die trying). Occasionally I get distracted and end up doing things I wouldn’t normally consider doing. I don’t see these distractions as a problem. Anything I can do which means I can create contacts or enhance my portfolio or make money is good by me.

Since 2008 I have seen myself working as a Maths tutor, film producer, photographer, agent, counsellor, English tutor, photography workshop facilitator, home removals guy, knitter, cinematographer, Physics tutor, haute couture fashion writer, commercial painter, knitting tutor, gardener, and artist. Some jobs pay money whilst others pay in exposure and opportunity. Other jobs help other people to better themselves. Some jobs I do simply to help friends out and that in itself makes these jobs worth more to me than any money you could throw at me.

All my jobs have furthered my art career because all these things have extended my skill set in ways I couldn’t even conceive of. They expand my mind as well as my contacts list. They enhance the way I see the world as well as putting a roof over my head. They support me mentally and physically.

I’m not even sure what to call myself in my latest venture. Shoe upcycler? Converse reconditionist? All Star Blingist? I just see an opportunity in taking some of the oldest tattiest shoes in the world and giving them a new life by whatever means necessary. I’m a mercenary for hire and if you pay me I’ll turn more trash into treasure…



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