Vitamin D

It’s silly season again. This time of year is always so mental my feet barely touch the ground. For the last few years April and May have seen me commuting between London, Bath, and Swansea and this year is no exception. I’ve always got extra fun thrown in due to my teaching commitments (it’s exam season) and also some bonus exhibitions here and there that I’ve picked up which just adds to the insanity. There’s planning and curating for Fringe Arts Bath as well as creating work for the International Triennial of Visual and Experimental Poetry in Valjevo, Serbia.

Just Monday through Wednesday saw me complete almost 40 hours of work. I’ve also still got a road trip to the Workers Gallery tomorrow with delivery of some work to replace the existing exhibition. Oh, I seem to have ended up as the producer for a music video which is in the final stages of pre-production ready for shooting on the weekend.

It’s ok, I’m remembering to eat and sleep. It’s a good job the donut is a vitamin.




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