A Fab Intervention

I’m really excited now we’re in May. This month is always jam packed with exhibitions and opportunities. This year I’m curating a performance art shindig as part of Fringe Arts Bath. Do I even know what’s happening? Maybe not. Will it we absolutely brilliant? Yes.

The reason I cannot say for sure what is happening is that organising festivals is totally different to curating a wall based show. With a ‘white cube’ style show you can see all the art in advance and spend time and thought putting things next to other things to give the best experience possible for the gallery visitor.

Curating performance is totally different and is a test of faith as much as it is a test in people management. Not only do I have to make sure the show goes smoothly but I’m trusting in professionalism of the performers involved. Often I’ve only seen written synopses and perhaps the odd picture of previous performances. Sometimes I work just on reputation. The space we’re working in may differ and working live out on the street brings with it a whole host of interesting permutations on behaviour and situation.

Whatever happens is totally out of my hands when it comes to the day itself. The performer has total control over what exactly they do. There’s no prearranged script for how it will play out. Whilst I’m managing the changing space and ensuring other performers are properly looked after, anything could be happening out there and as a curator I would be the one carrying the can if it all goes badly.

This should make me nervous but it really doesn’t. I actually get a real buzz from letting others have the control they deserve to get their art across in whatever way they see as suitable for the audience. What will happen will be as much a surprise to me as to the people of Bath.

So if you’re not busy on 23rd May then why not join us. All the latest details are on the Facebook page.



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