The Clock is always Ticking

I’m desperate now to finish The Scout and reveal it to the world. It’s tricky because I have to pace myself appropriately so that the intensive cutting doesn’t cause me any repetitive strain injuries. I’m aiming to get this finished by the weekend but it will be tight.

The clock is always ticking. The Scout has already taken me longer than my allocated four weeks and I know I need to roll this one out quickly if I’m going to keep on schedule for this month. A smaller version of this collage (called Little Scout) is about to be exhibited in Serbia as part of the World Association of Visual and Experimental Artists exhibition in Valjevo next week. I really want The Scout to be revealed to the world before Little Scout makes his debut. The timing will be critical.

The self-induced pressure is also in place to enable the entire collection to be created in something approaching a reasonable time scale. The Scout is only the fourth piece to be created as part of the Structured Chaos series which I’m working on in collaboration with Ben Honebone. At this rate a good sized collection will be ready for debut in Spring 2016. This seems like a long way off but at a rate of one new artwork a month this really is no time at all. It’s important for us both to keep the momentum going.


‘The Scout’ [detail] 12″ x 12″ paper assemblage [work in progress]


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