A Rotten Study

So this is what floats my boat today. I’ve been into the park in the rain doing a few technical exercises. I used to work a lot in black and white to the point where working in colour has only become a habit in the last three years or so. I remember being overwhelmed at first when working in colour because ideas and thoughts on composition are so different.

Thinking in black and white means always looking for contrasts and depth. Shadows suddenly become more important and texture is something to be worshipped. The greens of leaves and grasses become boring swathes of grey once you switch to black and white. As a consequence, a strange beauty is found in the dead and dying rather than in pretty flowers and plants.

I end up drawn to lichen and fungi. Any rotten wood and crumbling stonework is perfect. It’s not a morbid fascination but rather a re-examining and rethinking of what can be seen as beautiful. The ideals of the park become those of repurpose and reuse. Serenity is found in an acknowledgement of the life cycle rather than in its beginnings.



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