One a Day

I’m back in love with black and white photography again but I don’t want to run out into the streets and overdose on the stuff. I’m setting myself the challenge of taking one photograph a day [and only one photograph] to explore the potential of what I’m feeling.

This is harder than you think. Often photographers are hoarders and will photograph anything and everything with the idea of editing the choice down at a later date. The idea is that if you cover all the options in one huge photo shoot that you won’t need to go back out again and shoot more. Shooting digitally has meant we often overdose on choice and opportunity.

I’m turning that ethos on its head and am being very particular in what I’m seeing. Either the photograph is worth it, or it isn’t. It means I’m editing in my head before I even pick up the camera and shoot. It’s a more traditional way of thinking since back in the good old days camera film wasn’t in a never-ending supply and resources were limited.

I’m choosing to value my resources and my surroundings. One a day is all it takes to embrace the potential of what can be.



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