‘The Scout’ by Melanie Ezra and Ben Honebone

This has been a difficult challenge to think my way around. I’ve really had to raise my game to be able to complete the challenges that Ben has been setting me. His photographs are absolutely beautiful and cutting into them has been tricky to get my head around. I want to be able to do his compositions justice whilst still pushing the envelope for my own technical skills.

The Scout is the fourth such challenge and we’re both really happy with the results. Thinking my way through the grass was problematic enough before I even considered how to approach the subject himself. The topographical gymnastics we’ve been through mentally have been mind-boggling. This assemblage is 17 layers deep and I’ve had to hold virtually every cut in my head before committing the scalpel to the paper. Meetings, discussions, telepathy, and osmosis have all had their part to play in making sure The Scout delivers.

We’ll be continuing this Structured Chaos series with more collaborative challenges in a similar vein with the aim to showing the whole collection early in 2016. We have no plans for exhibiting them as a partial collection in the interim period so if you wish to see the pieces themselves you’ll have to wait. That is, unless you happen to be in Valjevo, Serbia later this week where a smaller, less detailed, version of this artwork called Little Scout will be unveiled as part of the World Association for Visual and Experimental Artists exhibition. More on this later in the week.

I might do a video piece of The Scout just so you have a chance of understanding the layers and the complexity of this artwork. Every collage we’ve made is best viewed from multiple angles and The Scout is no exception. Meanwhile here are four pictures to give you an small insight into how two creative brains together can create something totally wonderful.


‘The Scout’ 17-layer paper assemblage 12″ x 12″


‘The Scout’ 17-layer paper assemblage [detail]


‘The Scout’ 17-layer paper assemblage [detail]


‘The Scout’ 17-layer paper assemblage [detail]


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