The Welsh do like to get out and about. It’s a kind of wandering spirit that goes far beyond the stereotypical roaming of the valleys and close harmony singing. There are pockets of peoples across the globe who have a strong affinity to Wales and know exactly how to keep connected to this sense of home.

One such group is AmeriCymru: “a social network for the Welsh, persons of Welsh descent and Cymruphiles all over the world.” Here people can share their love of Wales and the experiences they’ve had whilst visiting the country. It also provides a shop window for those who are based in the US and further afield to keep in touch with their Welsh roots.

The good people at AmeriCymru have just published a wonderful blog post all about Swansea: On the Map which I created with Rose Davies. The map itself featured last month as part of an accompanying show at The Embroidery Gallery in Sunbury Upon Thames and is available from London-based publishers Sampson Low. We’ve already sold loads of copies and it is proving to be really popular. We’ve sold a copy to a lovely lady in Wisconsin and there is lots of interest on both sides of the Atlantic.

The AmeriCymru article is called There Be Dragons! – Swansea Artist Map & Trail and can be found here or you can visit their Facebook page and read all about it here. Incidentally, if you’re interested, there’s quite a collection of articles, reviews, and TV interviews about my art which can be found in my Press and Reviews section.



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