A Difference in Seeing

I’ve been continuing with my idea of taking one photograph a day. It’s an interesting experiment since it forces me to examine things differently.

This little picket fence feels comforting to me. The weathered wood, combined with the monochrome, brings a sense of nostalgia. The idea of shabby chic invokes ideas of a safe little homely and traditional village which couldn’t be further from the truth. If you saw the truth you would probably stay in your car.

I make a habit of always first seeing places and people as potential rather than detrimental. I don’t fear locations because of reputation or tradition; but I am not naive. I know that insider knowledge of a neighbourhood is a valuable thing and I feel safe here just through the local contacts that I have established.

The world in which I work is a strange place. I know about as many different kinds of people that it is possible to know and it is the difference in the way that I see the world which makes my world an exciting and wonderful place to be in.



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