Ozzmond on Tour

Back on April 20th I mentioned a piece we’ve made called Little Scout. This is due for unveiling tomorrow evening but we thought we’d share a sneak preview here today.

The collage itself is only around 4 layers of paper, and working this small means the piece is simple and effective. Little Scout is a smaller version of The Scout which is a 12″ x 12″ 17 layer assemblage formed as part of the Structured Chaos series. Normally I wouldn’t dream of adding words to a collage but for Little Scout it seemed appropriate to get into the head of Ozzmond the dog and give the impression of what he must have been thinking as he tours his little world.

And Ozzy’s world is getting bigger. Little Scout has been created specially for World Association of Visual and Experimental Artists Exhibition which opens tomorrow evening in Valjevo, Serbia.

Little Scout is a collaboration between myself and Ben Honebone. The words and the photograph are his whilst the cutting and assembling is my domain. Collaborating to make art in this way is unusual and the way we communicate our visual ideas to each other is hard to describe. It’s a mutually instinctive symbiotic thing…

An Ozzmosis.

'Little Scout' 6" x 6" collage. Assemblage by me, words and picture by Ben Honebone

‘Little Scout’ 6″ x 6″ collage. Assemblage by me, words and picture by Ben Honebone


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