Fringe Arts Bath

Tonight sees the opening of Fringe Arts Bath. I forget now how many years this festival has been happening. Long enough for me to know that it’s a bloody good event and will be a fixture in my calendar for many years to come.

This year I’m involved in an exhibition called Divided by the Bath Water which is a follow on from a show called Divided by the Meltwater. Back in January we took work from artists in Devon and South Wales and explored the collaborative possibilities to form a dialogue between our practices. This time we’re extending this to include artists from Bath and North East Somerset. This exhibition will open tomorrow evening in the 44AD studios, Abbey Street, Bath and will run until 7th June.

Meanwhile I’m also gearing up for A Fab Intervention which will take place on Union Street, Bath from 12-4pm tomorrow. I’m curating this event with fellow Swansea artist Tim Kelly. We will be using performance and art as tools to make the streets of Bath a better place. A Fab Intervention will be created by a team of South Wales based artists and we’ll be gate-crashed by fellow performers based closer to Bath.

A Fab Intervention will show how performative acts disturbing the public flow in Bath’s main streets can be a positive method of engaging the people with the arts. Scribblers, painters, performers, poets, and storytellers will be exploring Bath and reacting to the rich diversity of its people. A break from the regular busker/shopper relationship on Bath’s streets can make the environment a positive place to be and challenging the social norms between performers and public.

I’m not entirely sure what will happen. I know what the performers tell me they’re planning on doing but other than that I’m totally in the dark as to how this will play out. It’s going to be an exciting weekend whichever way you look at it. See you there!



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