A FaB Intervention

And lo! it has come to pass that yesterday something happened on the streets of Bath. This was A FaB Intervention, a performance art event on Union Street, right in the city centre. I curated this event with fellow artist Tim Kelly and although we knew what we thought should be happening, we actually had no idea how it would play out until the event itself was over.

For four hours we had painters, story tellers, and mop ladies working their art on and in the street. We had artists drawing in chalk and in bubble bath. We had a shaman inviting the public to get involved with his bizarre rituals. There was a scratch-built beach hut on wheels, someone with a square aerial, someone else with a blue wig giving out compliments to the public; a crazy mix of art and performance distracting and entertaining the public.

I’m still not entirely sure how to describe what happened here. There was confusion and bemusement but somehow everybody seemed to enjoy. It was the right mix of serious and comedy; of traditional and contemporary.

It was fab.

Thank you to everyone who made this possible.




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