Evolutionary Underestimation

The progress I’m making with cutting Ascension is slow and tedious. I completely underestimated how long it would take me to cut a single panel. We made a decision to make the cuts similar in size to the detailing on the reverse and this means thousands and thousands of tiny slices and hours and hours of sitting in my studio making them happen.

I can’t remember which one of us decided on this course of action. Ascension is part of the Structured Chaos series and as such, decisions and directions are arrived at organically in conversations between myself and my collaborator Ben Honebone. We don’t keep a list. Sometimes we don’t even speak. The art just evolves in the way it is meant to and the results are as we mean them to be.

I know I’ve drawn the short end of the straw with this one but I also know the results will be worth it. In a few weeks I’ll have more than blisters and creaking joints to show for all this work that I’m putting in.


Two layers of ‘Ascension’ [work in progress]


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