Humor Me

I mentioned last month that I was in the process of producing a music video and today sees the launch of our creation.

Humor Me is the second single to be released from the upcoming album Telling the Truth by goldbringer. Making a music video isn’t usually my field and I’m not really one for directing or scripting but I really am the go-to girl for logistics and production of pretty much anything and everything creative. It doesn’t matter whether it’s music videos like this, or producing A FaB Interventionor curating exhibitions, – I know how to get the best people in place and make things happen.

It was great fun to make Humor Me and, whilst Ben Honebone and I were still making a few minor editing changes last night, I think you’ll agree the results are absolutely brilliant.

For a tiny budget we’ve created the perfect narrative to accompany Humor Me. It’s the most ambitious music video we’ve produced to date and I definitely want to explore this avenue of my creativity again in the future. We’ve also used that goldbringer photograph, which I mentioned last month, for the promotion of Humor Me. Although we’ve used this image for other promotional opportunities in the last few weeks, it seemed to just fit best with the direction of the band at the moment.

Our small crew doubled as extras and it goes without saying that we could not have done it without them. Huge thanks to everyone who supported us and helped us. Thanks yeah.

Click on the link here to see Humor Me by goldbringer. 

Concept & Direction – Daniel Leek, Go-Pro Direction – Owen Conibear, Produced by Melanie Ezra. Editing – goldbringer. Special thanks to Nick Shepherd & Kirsty Morgans.



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