Telling the Truth

Was it really January 2nd that I… Hang on no… It goes back further than that. Yes. Back on December 16th I mentioned “creating an unusual collage for a client.” I mentioned Allen keys and bolts and Brownie parts. It was all ironmongery and lens filters and adhesives and needles.

I promised then that I’d come back to this and I did. On January 2nd I gave a hint at what I’d created but the ” blanket of secrecy” that I’d promised the client meant that I’ve had to wait until now to show you. So here we are, six months later, I can finally share this artwork in its entirety. The client is goldbringer and this collage itself was commissioned and created for their album Telling the Truth which has been released today.

This collage is the result of the first attempted artistic mind-meld between myself and Ben Honebone back in December. If anything this is the seeds of collaborative working which eventually has grown into our Structured Chaos series. I remember the conversation well.* I’m not entirely sure we ever gave this artwork a title for itself but we knew what it would be used for. The collage itself is held only with tape so there are endless permutations and combinations. It’s a totally different direction to the usual flow of my art and it was a strange process. I felt like my brain had been hijacked by Ben and that my hands were simply creating something that had been predestined as a result of our conversation. It was liberating to let go of my usual creative rules and just run with what needed to be made. I had total faith that what I was creating was exactly what was in his head. I was not wrong.

The version here is slightly different to the one used for the final album artwork, but to me this is the definitive one since it is the first version which I felt was complete. You’ll have to buy the album itself to see the differences.

The Polaroids featured in this collage came back round again recently for the Humor Me video which I produced for the band, and within the Polaroids themselves there are subtle nods to the Top Dollar video from 7 months ago. I love the subtle and deliberate temporal layering that I’ve managed to work around the contents of this collage on the build up to the album release. (It’s the kind of spatial and visual play that would make Chris Nolan proud.)

There are layers upon layers of working here, overlaps and repeats, music and art, with Time for us is being worked in its purest non-linear state. We have collaborations within collaborations, sharing visions, and the need to create and relate. This collage is telling it like it is, like it can be, like it should be…

We’re telling the truth.


* Here’s the full transcript of the conversation between us from December 13th 2014:
B: “Polaroids yeah?”
M: “Yeah.”


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