I went for a walk

I saw the gravel under my shoes and it pleased me that the footprints from my sandals left little imprints in the dust then as I was crossing the river I saw a bag in the river swimming upstream which confused me for a while because I thought it was a jellyfish and then the thought grabbed me that sometimes at this time of year there are jellyfish in the dock they’re little buttons of jelly stuff and really small but if you look carefully then you can just make them out in little families basking in the sun and then I followed the lines in the paving and past the elephants outside the Thai restaurant and I was careful to cross not because I’m worried about traffic but since I broke my foot by falling off a step I sometimes get a little wary of steps and stuff because I know a wrong footing can make a huge difference but then the sun came out from behind a cloud and I felt warm and happy and I knew that my walk would lead me somewhere new and exciting and even if I’d been there before I would see something new and I would experience something different because every day is different but then the lady said to me that the way was blocked due to building work so I doubled back and made my way past the new church and although it’s quite new some of the lettering of the nameplate is falling off already and there were flowers everywhere along the edges of the waste ground and past the building site and there was a young boy mowing the front lawn and he was chatting to his neighbour about how hard it was to push the mower meanwhile the neighbour was trimming the grass at the edge of his path and collecting the trimmings and putting them in a sack and I remember thinking how big his hands looked and as I passed they said hello and waved which I thought was really sweet because not a lot of people do that kind of thing these days when a random stranger passes their house but then I noticed that the boatyard was undergoing a renovation and I wondered what had become of the coal merchant which I’m sure used to be there but still the sun shone and I still felt happy and calm and quiet within myself then I think it was at that point that I

found myself.



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