Floral Distractions

I’m not big on flowers. I can see that they’re pretty and everything but I’m not much bothered about seeing them growing in the garden*. I prefer growing stuff you can eat because filling my belly is more important. I’d also rather be championing tomatoes, peas, and potatoes because I don’t believe flowers should get the good press all the time.

Saying that though, I’m really enjoying the flower meadows that appear all over the city at this time of year. The authorities have planted loads of these to help the bee and insect populations. But then I’m also starting to notice naturally occurring flower meadows more as a result of this.

Now I can’t seem to stop seeing flowers. It’s like I’m trying to solve a massive puzzle across town to work out which flower meadows are truly wild and which are planted. As the years are progressing some of the man-made meadows are spreading and creating their own wild havens. It is getting more difficult to play spot the difference every year.

I really should get back inside and make some art…



*Nice to receive them every now and then though. But then chocolates are just as good. Actually no, I definitely prefer hugs.


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