Boredom Doodles

The catch with working on the blank space on the reverse of an artwork is that sometimes I get completely bored with what I’ve decided I should be responding to. My brain wanders off and my hands do the thinking and then the results I originally felt I should be getting turn into something new.

Cutting these doodles into the fifth layer of Ascension won’t affect the final artwork since they will be buried deep into the 18 layer construction. Pretty much only me and you will know exactly where this layer occurs. The boredom doodles are actually an important process for me. I’m deliberately working with more curved shapes than I have for the previous four layers. This challenges any comfort zones I find myself falling into and creates additional rhythms to the piece. Hearts are one of the hardest shapes to cut freehand* since they challenge the flow and direction of the scalpel.The next layer I cut will feel completely different in structure thanks to this doodle layer. My approach to the paper will be less formulaic and more chaotic.

In this series of work the chaos is just as important as the structure. After all, this is why we called the series Structured Chaos. We try to make as few formal decisions as possible and allow the art to grow organically. The original photographs provided by Ben are chaotically reworked by me in order to rebuild the picture back to something approaching its original form. A construction from one is deconstructed and rebuilt by the other. The discussions we have about the work we create together are often short since we need to be as organic and random as possible.** The overall flow of the art will be dictated ultimately by Ben’s photograph so in a way I get all the easy and fun stuff.


*Circles are horrible too.

** “This?”…. “Yeah.”


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