Residual Brain Baggage

Another layer of Ascension complete and I’m really starting to move with the flow of this piece now. With any artwork I always seem to have a stop-start mentality. It takes a while to sink into the idea of the piece and let go of any residual brain baggage left over from the previous artwork I’ve created.

The Scout was so intensive and complex that it has taken me the best part of a month to be able to let go of it. I need space and time in order to let it leave my system. I can’t sit by idly though and wait for it to happen, I need to push on with creating something new. Sometimes this means creating something which never gets used (I call these buffer artworks), or sometimes it just means cracking on with the next in the Structured Chaos series and waiting for the mojo to arrive.

It has taken until layer 5 of Ascension to get the feeling that I’m making some proper headway which is independent from, and not influenced by, The Scout. I’m into the right mindset and progress should come quite quickly now.



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