Telephone Noodles

I’ve always doodled whilst on the phone: little shaded triangles, plant shapes, bubbles and elaborately decorated lines. It occurred to me the other day that perhaps these 2D doodles should be more advanced and that I should start thinking a little more beyond what I inevitably end up creating with the pen.

I’m starting to see what’s possible in 3D. Using only adhesive tack and a scalpel I’m exploring. The same rules apply in that I’m only using one hand and I’m letting my brain flow whilst holding the phone in my other hand.

This first telephone noodle* makes me think of a shrouded alien baby wrapped in it’s cocoon and ready for metamorphosis.

All phone noodles will be destroyed afterwards since they are as pointless and irrelevant to me as standard 2D doodles. I’ll only photograph the best ones.


*If I’m in 3D then it has be a noodle rather than a doodle.


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