Conceptual Representation

I’ve been in a meeting all evening discussing Structured Chaos. The time has come where interest in the art I’m making with Ben Honebone is reaching an international audience. We’ve been invited to enter an event in Serbia which will tour the country in the autumn. It’s a big responsibility to ensure that we’re representing Structured Chaos to the best of our ability.

To choose only two of our works to carry a collaborative message is a big ask. I know the decisions that I would make but I am not working alone so there needs to be thought, communication, and discussion in making a fair and representative choice.

We’ve settled on The Scout and Eiscape. We felt that these images show the complexity and skill of what Structured Chaos is about whilst also being the best conceptual representatives of our collaborative way of working. Seeing photographs of these collages head-on, and on a small-scale, does not detract credibility from the scale of the larger original artworks. This is important so that any new viewer can make the right judgement based on our work.


‘The Scout’ Melanie Ezra and Ben Honebone


‘Eiscape’ Melanie Ezra and Ben Honebone


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