Daydream and whimsy

Somebody asked me a while back how I know where to cut when I’m working on the reverse of a photograph. I don’t draw a thing and use only a scalpel to create freehand cuts as a response to what I imagine could be happening on the front of the image.

I create a few guidelines on the front of the image first. Here is layer 6 of Ascension before I’ve started working on it properly. The prep is in those key cuts. These are the only structures on which to base the chaos. All else that follows is according to daydream and whimsy.



2 thoughts on “Daydream and whimsy

  1. Thank you so much for letting us into your process a bit more. It’s always fascinating to learn how work is created. We’re all looking forward to the final reveal!

  2. Thanks Gale. The final reveal is there today for this layer. It will take a while longer to complete the whole artwork.


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