Yesterday I shared how I set up the guidelines for an unfinished layer of Ascension. Today I’m showing the finished layer.

These panels take many hours to complete and I get through a lot of scalpel blades along the way. I have to be focused and alert every step of the way to ensure that no errors are made. There have to be regular breaks for my hands and my eyes. I don’t use a magnifier so it’s close work and can be very tiring.

The thin web of remaining paper is fragile and in some areas the strands are only 1mm wide. This means Ascension is unstable and delicate until the point where it is complete and framed. With only 7 layers complete, out of 18 in total, there is much that can go wrong.

I have been asked if I find this level of commitment, dedication, and concentration stressful. Actually it is the opposite for me. I have been cutting for so long I find it a relaxing and meditative process. The cuts fall as they fall. Any stress will create error so I am better simply going with the flow and trusting that my skilled hands will do the things they need to do.


'Ascension' work in progress


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