Examining a Past Landscape

I was scooting through some drawers just now trying to unpickle my life and I found some early collages from 2011. I remember these were my first attempts with cutting glossy photographs*. It was hard and slow and the glue seemed to get everywhere. This one is titled Scar and seems to be dated 26th July 2011….

… hang on…

… Of course! Yes! There’s a blog entry all about this piece here. The beauty of having blogged for so many years is that I have a full catalogue of thoughts from previous versions of myself. It’s interesting to read that blog entry four years after the event. I no longer detest my scar. Yes it still itches. It also goes red when I’m hot and blue when I’m cold. But I have accepted that it is part of my physiological landscape.

Reading back through my own archives is not something I normally do. I write this blog to deal with the now and plan for the future rather than dwelling on things past. Previous blog entries are useful as a record of my own art practice and for researchers to see the full development of my career. They’re like sketchbooks to me in that they enable me to muse over direction and purpose.

This collage was the beginnings of my Small Worlds collection. Some of these rudimentary pieces are still in that collection. Others have been lost, whilst a few went off to feature in the Venice Vending Machine 2011 exhibition in Italy and are now owned by private collectors.


*Before this I’d worked exclusively with paper ripping. See my Self [other] collection for more on this.


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