Flowers, Feathers, and Fish Scales

Another day sees another layer of Ascension to cut. The top edge of this artwork features my trademark flow of shapes. These are the most natural for me to cut so they form a default setting in my brain.

It’s useful to start any panel with these shapes to warm up my muscles and my brain. After this area I’ll move onto the more challenging stuff.

I’ve never quite worked out what these shapes mean to me. Sometimes I’m thinking of flowers and leaves. Other times it’s feathers and fish scales. I can get caught up in ideas of wheat and grain.

Sometimes it’s all of these things flowing through my hands simultaneously.



2 thoughts on “Flowers, Feathers, and Fish Scales

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  2. Hi! I´ve nominated you for the Versatile Bloggers Award. I think you do a great job and the nomination is a good way for others to know and enjoy it as much as I do. You´re free to continue with the nominations and if you want to do so just take a look at my blog to find out how to continue. ; )

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