Darwinism Inanimate

I ponder all sorts of things that perhaps others don’t. One of my pet muses at the moment is Darwinism in inanimate objects.

I wonder whether that shopping cart next to the road was left behind by some drunk students or whether it has developed a means of transporting itself. Did it manage to get half way home after a mad night out and is just unconscious by the side of the road? Perhaps the next shopping trolley make it just a little bit further. Perhaps the one after that will find true freedom and make it as far as a new habitat in the forest. Maybe in the future there will be whole colonies of trolleys living together in peace. It has to be better than the life of slavery they currently have, chained to other carts in the supermarket car park; some of them never moving or leaving their place of bondage.

Then what about a builder’s skip which seems to develop a whole ecosystem of its own as carpets and rubble metamorphose overnight into sofas and timber. And then there’s the case of smaller bodies making their way out of the primordial soup and slowly growing, ready to take over from us at the top of the food chain in a few hundred thousand years time.

It amuses me to make little stories for these things. It’s all stupid and irrelevant I know. I mean, the sun will go supernova in a few billion years or so which means that our plastic dinosaur overlords’ days are ultimately numbered.IMAG0391[1]


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