Beyond Chaos

A few days ago I mentioned intermingling text within the shapes that I’m cutting on these lower layers of Ascension and this is definitely having the desired effect. The words themselves mean only what they mean to me and I have no desire to continue to share them here. Their purpose for Structured Chaos is to disrupt the flow and rhythm of my cuts are create a true chaos that is not predictable or contrived.

I find I no longer care about the image on the reverse side. This is good. This is exactly what I feel should happen. I should be throwing myself as far as I can out of my comfort zone and cutting shapes with no reason or motive. This disruption will only serve to enhance the overall look of the finished artwork.

Right now I’m in the kind of mood which means I feel the need to go back to earlier layers and maul them some more. I need to check first with my co-collaborator Ben Honebone, and make sure my angry thinking is in keeping with the mood of previous pieces in our series. The finished piece will be delicate and respectable from a distance but up close it will be a mélange of disruption, a fusion of mess, complete and utter carnage.

Our Ascension will be beautiful.


‘Ascension’ work in progress [detail]


2 thoughts on “Beyond Chaos

  1. I Love this! so amazing I’ve done a lot of paper cutting art myself and its very hard. You have an amazing talent 🙂 can’t wait until i see it finished

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