The Mad Cutters

I’m nearly done cutting Ascension. Actually I think I am done. Yeah, I’m definitely done. Am I done? I’m so tired now from all the cutting I’ve done this week that I can hardly see straight. I want to be able to look at this and say I’m confident that I’ve achieved something but I’ve spent so long on this artwork that I really can’t look at it impartially at all.

With a project such as this I never write off any piece until I’ve verified it with my collaborator Ben Honebone. It’s great working as a partnership because there’s always a fresh pair of eyes to give ideas to any situation. With previous artworks in the Structured Chaos series we’ve ended up negotiating additional little details that have made the world of difference to the finished art.

This also means that my tiredness and doubts are irrelevant because I can defer to my partner to provide the critique that I need. Our combined judgement will make sure the artworks in the Structured Chaos series are the best that we can create.

I wonder if he’ll spot any of the little subliminal details I’ve been throwing in along the way…


‘Ascension’ sneaky little detail


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