Musical Musings

I’ve been commissioned to design a tattoo. I’ve never done anything like this before but I know that I’m the right person for this. It’s not just a drawing I’ve been asked for, instead I have to turn some stuff into sheet music first and then design from there.

I have a little bit of talent in this department and can write music without too much hassle so this should be straightforward from that side of things. The tricky stuff is turning this from handwritten score into something graphic. However I choose to proceed I still have to bear in mind that the printed design will need to be clear enough to be reworked freehand by a tattoo artist.

I’ve put together several samples for the client and will see what he says later today before cleaning up and finalizing the design. The thought that this will be a permanent feature on somebody else’s body is a big responsibility but at the same time it’s exciting to be working on something which stretches my other disciplines.


Handwritten by me.


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