Manuscript Manipulation

Another day and I’m still working on this commission. There are so many ways that I could design this tattoo even though it needs to follow a particular piece of music. Anyone who knows music theory can tell you that there are several ways in which this last bar could be written and yet it would still be read the same.

This allows me a certain amount of artistic licence whilst retaining the clarity and communication of this piece. I can manipulate the manuscript so that there is a visibly playful balance between the notes. For example, I considered turning this E-flat into a D-sharp just so I could throw in a natural sign after but I figured this might not leave the design in a clear enough state for a tattooist to draw. I also considered a different grouping of the run of quavers at the start of the bar so that they all would hang in a similar fashion. I decided against that one. I liked the way the C-A drop along with the slurs gave a balance to the top of the design to counter the hang of the other notes.

I think I’m nearly done with this. I need to clean it up a little but other than that it’s ready for the client. I’ll reveal the whole design at a later date.



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