The internet is a strange and wonderful thing. For example, I write these blog entries for my own satisfaction and share them with the world but I don’t really have much of an idea who they speak to or why. Communicating but not knowing who I’m communicating with is an aspect of this job that I’ve never quite managed to work out. Who is my audience? Is it a buyer, a friend, a stranger, or all of these?

I’ve been meeting new people recently and have discovered that there are several tiers to my audience. There are those at the tip of the iceberg who provide me with direct feedback. But then there are those secret stalkers, the people below the surface, who follow regularly but hide in the shadows. They read and see but don’t speak or share how they feel.

One such stalker said to me yesterday, “You’re the Melanie Ezra? The artist yeah? I’ve seen your work.” This level of stalker pleases me from a communications point of view. It gives me an idea of the scope and reach of my art. It shows me that the effort I put into promoting myself is working. It’s not a vanity or fame thing but simply a case of realising that I’m doing a job and I’m doing it well.


'Olympia' 4" x 4" paper collage.


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