Love the Words

I’m on my way to The White Room at The Grand Theatre, Swansea for an exhibition of photographs inspired by quotes from Dylan Thomas’ poetry. The works aim to tell intimate stories of contemporary life in the city and are particularly poignant given the lives and situations of the artists involved.
Love the Words and the Photos exhibition has been created by participants of WCADA’s Domino project and forms part of the Dylan Thomas Centre’s community outreach programme.

Many of the participants had no previous experience of photography and are currently overcoming their own hurdles in life. WCADA supports people whose lives have been affected by alcohol and drugs so it is great to see their results of their responses to Dylan Thomas’ words and how they see his city.

Participants completed a ten week course designed and delivered by me. It’s wonderful to be involved in projects such as these since they empower people in discovering their environment in ways they possibly couldn’t have previously envisioned. The voyage of growing self-esteem is ongoing and it is wonderful to know that the course I delivered is such a positive part of each participant’s personal journey of self-discovery.
Love the Words and the Pictures exhibition opens now and continues until Friday 31st July.


This is my photograph which will be hanging alongside those of the course participants.


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