Dreaming of Chaos

I’ve been fascinated with Google’s Deep Dream software lately and I love the strange patterns it seems to throw up with other people’s photographs. As an experiment I’ve been working with small jpegs of some of the Structured Chaos artworks to see how the program interprets the shapes and rhythms of the imagery. It’s curious to see how my physical cuts can become something other.

This is the first iteration of the first Structured Chaos piece. I’m looking at processing these a few times over in order to distort the perceived reality further. It’s interesting to compare this with the original. I’m sure there is a scope for taking this further. Perhaps this would be a series all in itself. I’m not sure though whether to Deep Dream a photograph first with the aim to physically manipulating it at later date, or if I should throw images such as this back into Deep Dream and exhibit the results.

It’s not often I use digital manipulation; I would much prefer a physical reworking of a photograph. But this… there’s something about this which triggers a curiosity within me. This is something that I will definitely keep in the back of my mind for use at some point in the future.

'Structured Chaos' Deep Dream 1st iteration

Structured Chaos 1st Iteration


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